Airway Orthodontics



Airway Orthotropics

Airway Orthotropics addresses the underlying causes of skeletal discrepancies and understands crowded teeth are innocent bystanders of a much larger problem.

Discussing your child's current state and history of sleep, performance, behavior, attention, posture and more, is the first step to identifying the need for airway orthodontics.  From there, depending on age and symptoms,  an exam,  records and additional studies, such as a sleep study, may be necessary to understand the root cause and plan for targeted treatment.

Doctors are learning that having quality REM and deep sleep cycles are fundamental in having a healthy immune system and enjoying a healthy life.

Airway Orthotropics can make a positive impact on REM and deep sleep cycles, breathing and overall health.  Now more than ever it is important to focus on well-being and there is no better place to optimize future health than childhood.

At Home Sleep Study

Our at home sleep study allow children age 3 and up to be studied at home in their own beds with the most current medical technology.   The technology, Cardiopulmonary coupling (CPC), is based on calculations and spectral analysis of cardiovascular- and respiratory data typically collected during sleep.  CPC technology is based on patented algorithms developed and validated by sleep researches, using continuous, evenly sampled normal sinus rhythm ECG-or PLETH (Plethysmogram from a PPG sensor) signal as the only input requirement. 

Our at home sleep study is FDA-cleared to aid clinical diagnosis of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) in children, adolescents and adults.  The output from the system presents various sleep related output metrics such as sleep duration, total sleep time, wake after sleep onset and sleep quality and sleep disordered breathing related output metrics that include an oxygen desaturation index, an apnea hypopnea index, a respiratory disturbance index and the sleep apnea indicator that is derived from the Cyclic Variation in Heart Rate (CVHR).

Good sleep quality is crucial for good physical and mental health. One of the key benefits of using our sleep study in our practice is, unlike most clinical sleep measurements, it is not restricted to evaluate only sleep disordered breathing but allows for estimating sleep stages. 

Targeted Airway Orthotropics

The  severity of presenting symptoms along with complete records helps dictate the treatment plan and urgency.  For instance, cognitive development is negatively affected with poor sleep. Therefore the patient's age, symptoms, compliance, and more, are factored into determining the optimal type of airway treatment.

We utilize Myobrace: myofunctional Orthodontic treatment, and Airway Center Appliances: Orthotropic appliances, either separately or in combination. 

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