Meet the Team





Office Manager

I have worked in pediatrics for many years. The dynamic of the office and the children is incomparable to anything else. I grew up with a big family so working and talking with children comes naturally to me. I have been married to my husband since 2020 and we have two beautiful daughters together. Outside of work I love shopping and spending time with my family.




Dental Hygienist

I never imagined having an impact on the greater Spokane Valley community like I do now, this fulfillment wouldn’t be possible without the comradery we have at Dr. Molly’s. My Name is Andrew and I’m the dental hygienist here. As a recent graduate, I understand that being a hygienist extends past just ‘cleaning’ teeth. I firmly believe that the environment around the dental chair will determine the outcome of an appointment, which is why I do everything possible to provide comfort to my patients. As a young man I always felt fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, now I show up to work every day in hopes to remove this fear from at least one child. I always encourage my patients to ask many questions, as most dental anxiety surrounds fear of the unknown. Each and every one of our team members is eager to provide the most effective patient centered care so that everyone feels at home when they’re here at Dr. Molly’s.

P.S. If you wear green to the office you can expect a compliment from me because it’s my absolute favorite color!!”




Scheduling Coordinator/Correspondence Coordinator/RDA

I have worked at Dr. Molly’s since 2015! I enjoy working in pediatrics because of the fun and fast paced work environment and being able to make personal connections with our patients and families. Fun facts about me, I am married to my husband Adam, we have a son and a daughter! Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family, being outdoors, and traveling to wherever the Air Force sends us!




RDA/Myobrace Educator

I have always been one to love being around kids and working with them comes easy as I come from a big family with many nieces and nephews. I look forward to seeing all the patient’s that come into the office every day. My hobbies include playing video games while also staying active.







I enjoy working in pediatrics because kids give me something new to learn every day, I love to help them enjoy coming to the dentist and establish a trust in dental workers. I enjoy skiing and rock climbing with my husband!