Children appreciate having a parent present during care. We encourage a parent's presence for all appointments.

Knee-to-Knee Position

servicesA safe and effective technique to safely provide an exam and care to infants, toddlers or children with severe anxiety.

  • You will sit across from Dr. Gunsaulis, or a member of her Team
  • You will sit facing each other with knees touching
  • Your child will sit on your lap facing you, tummy-to-tummy
  • Your child's legs will straddle your waist so that your elbows, or the sides of your arms, can be used to secure your child's legs safely against your side
  • You will lay your child's head back onto the dental providers lap
  • Dr. Gunsaulis will hold and support your child's head so that you are free to hold your child's hands

If you feel that you may be physically or mentally uncomfortable or unable to complete this technique, please tell us immediately. If this is the case, we will ask you if you would be happy reserving an appointment for an adult family member or friend whom you trust and who can comfortably help us provide care for your child using the knee-to-knee position.

We Recommend the Knee-to-Knee Position

Completing our patient's preventative care is very important to your child's health.

Regardless of our patient's age or cooperation, as long as preventive care can be provided safely with the assistance of a parent, or a parent's elective representative, it should be provided. Completing preventive services sends a positive message to our young patients. Patients allowed to complete preventive care with this encouraging assistance realize that it is not painful or scary.

Not providing preventive care to an uncooperative child rewards that child for behavior meant to influence us from providing necessary care, not to mention confirming the child's suspicions that the exam must be frightening and unnecessary.

Dr. Gunsaulis strongly believes that not providing preventive care is analogous to allowing a child to ride in a vehicle without a safety seat or belt. This is why Dr. Gunsaulis believes that no exceptions can be given when it comes to ensuring a healthy child.