First Visit


first-visit.jpgWelcome to our practice!

Prior to your first visit, you will receive our Welcome Packet that contains our practice forms. You may bring these to the first visit or you may submit these forms from the convenience of your home by selecting Patient Registration Forms.

  • Please complete these before your first visit so that we may maximize your time with us.
  • Bring all of your questions and concerns to our attention at this visit.

We look forward to ensuring your child superior dental health for years to come.

The first appointment lasts approximately an hour. It will consist of a review of your child's medical and dental histories in our inviting private playroom, followed by a comprehensive dental exam, and necessary dental images, customized oral hygiene instructions, and a review of your child's diet and nutrition. A professional dental cleaning and re-mineralization therapy is usually also performed at this visit. The information we gather will allow us to recommend the best options for your child's future dental health and care. We do this because your comfort and privacy are important to us.

"We had tried a different children's dentist prior to finding Dr. Molly. My daughter would fuss about the dentist. We had a friend suggest Dr. Molly. What a difference! She looks forward to coming. Not only for Dr. Molly but everyone who works at the office. From the minute we walk in, you are greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. Everyone feels excited to see your child and hear of the progress he/she has made in their life. You leave with a sense of happiness. I would strongly suggest Dr. Molly's office to anyone with a child. Thank you to all our friends at Dr. Molly's."
- Marschica Dudley
"I really appreciate the excellent care and attention they give to my boys and how they teach them about long-term care."
- Azley Thorpe