Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and Team are dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care and products possible. They put in time on a monthly basis to research and test products.

We are very proud to share our references. Here are a few examples of what Spokane's moms and dads think about us!

mipaste.jpg"I wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Molly and her staff, for being so caring and kind to my children. They made the dental visit a very positive experience. Before coming to Dr. Molly, my children were terrified, but since coming to Dr. Molly my children are no longer scared. The reassurance made all the difference in the world! I am so glad we found Dr. Molly Gunsaulis for our family. This is the best dental experience for us thanks to Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and her wonderful staff."– Niki Adams

What is MI Paste®?  How can MI Paste® make smiles grow, smile and shine?
It is one of the greatest dental products available!  Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and her Team proudly offer MI Paste® to their patient’s and their families.

MI Paste is ideal for treating such conditions as:

Reversing tooth sensitivity and restoring enamel shine. Providing a topical preventive coating for patients suffering from erosion, dry mouth, white spots and cavities. Orthodontic treatment, during and after bands and brackets have been removed, to prevent and reverse white spot lesions.
Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft drinks, consequence of pregnancy, or acid produced by bacteria. Relieving dry mouth caused by certain medications.

treswhite.jpg"Thanks so much Dr. Molly and Staff for the wonderful treatment we received! I was so nervous about Jack's "surgery" and all of you helped to make it the best experience possible. I am very grateful for all of you! Xoxoxoxo"
– J. Smitham
Obtaining a radiant white and healthy smile is Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and her Team’s number one goal! 

Patients demonstrating moderate or sever discoloration, pitted surfaces or white spots on their teeth may benefit from micro-abrasion and MI Paste® treatments.  These treatments are highly effective in achieving beautiful smiles, but sever cases may need to be followed by the additional application of a professional whiting system, such as TresWhite.

TresWhite® by Opalescence® is a professional pre-filled whitening system, ideal for the growing and changing dentition.

TresWhite® is an adaptable, safe, and disposable tooth whitening system.  Each whitening kit contains 10 upper and 10 lower pre-molded and pre-filled mouth trays with gingival barriers.  Kits are sold in watermelon flavor.

Ask Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and her Team for more information.  Free samples of TresWhite® will be provided to patients Dr. Gunsaulis recommends for professional whitening treatments. 
xylitol.jpg"Jen, how awesome that we see Dr. Molly too! She's so great with the girls and being that I was a Dental Assistant for a few years, I'm REALLY picky! So glad you had a great experience, it gives me a peace of mind for any future 'surgeries' for my girls."
– H. Crooks

Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and Team promote Xylitol in their practice because it has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the incidence of tooth decay
  • Compliment fluoride by adding protection in the fight against cavities
  • Reduce the occurrence of the most common chronic childhood disease, cavities.
  • Xylitol is widely approved for use in foods, oral hygiene products and more.
no-drilling.jpg"Today was my son and daughters first visit to Molly Gunsaulis, DDS's office. Our experience here was amazing! When we first entered we got such a warm welcome from the staff. The environment was calm and very kid friendly! All the staff was very thorough with the treatments and answering questions. My kids loved everyone here and it felt so comforting having all the staff makes this experience as calming and comfortable for my children as possible. I would absolutely recommend bringing your kids to Molly Gunsaulis' office. As a parent I LOVE leaving the dentist office with a sense of calm, knowing my kids had the best treatment they could possibly have. Thank you for such a great first visit, we look forward to our next."
– Angie B.
epic-gum.jpg"Fantastic Experience! Always a pleasure to come and see Molly and her Team! Thorough, professional and kind! It is our intention to continue our care with Molly for the duration of our children's childhood."
– Rebecca M.
"My children have been going to this office for over a year, and they love it. We are so pleased with Dr. Molly Gunsaulis and the staff, they are wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a better dentist for our children."
– Jessica M.
enamel-pro.jpg"We love coming to Dr. Molly. The kids are very relaxed and look forward to their visit. Thanks for being so kind and understanding with my children."
– Amber E.
crest-glide.jpg"I brought my son and daughter to Molly Gunsauis, DDS for their first dental visit. They helped create a positive experience, so when I say we need to go to the dentist I get smiles instead of complaints."
– Raul Y.
squigle.jpg"We love Molly Gunsaulis, DDS Dentistry for Children! It is a great place to take your children. There is lots of room to move around and plenty of things for the kids to do. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My kids look forward to every visit. We thank you!"
– Shawna W.
xylitots.jpg"Dr. Molly is awesome! She relates to the kids and has done a wonderful job at making the office a fun, kid friendly environment, but not over-stimulating. Her staff is so friendly and warm. We are so happy we found an office that our girls can grow up going to and they'll get the best dental care possible!"
– Heather C.
perioshield.jpg"We recently changed pediatric dentists so that our kids could go to Dr. Molly Gunsaulis. We are very happy with our decision! We found the staff and Dr. Molly to be very kid friendly. We also feel very comfortable trusting our kid's oral care to Dr. Molly. We would recommend the office to everyone especially if you have a child who has some oral problems. Thank you to the great staff and Dr. Molly; our kids will have great teeth as adults."
– Stephanie and Gary P.
"My family searched for a very long time to find a children's dentist located in the Spokane Valley. The challenge was, I didn't want to visit a "multiple" dentist office. We were EXSTATIC to learn that Dr. Molly was the primary dentist and didn't have plans to bring in many more. Dr. Molly has coached her staff to perfection! They are always courteous and knowledgeable! The office is always clean and organized. When our children have had a procedure Dr. Molly or staff call later to check on them. My children are 4, 7, and 14 and they will all be brought to Dr. Molly's office until they are 18, at least!"
– Yolanda H.
sinicare-for-kids.jpg"Dr. Molly is awesome! She relates to the kids and has done a wonderful job at making the office a fun, kid friendly environment, and not over-stimulating. Her staff is so friendly and warm. We are so happy we found an office that our girls can grow up going to and they'll get the best dental care possible!"
– Heather C.
water-pik.jpg"Dear Dr. Molly and amazing staff, My son Andrew had his second phase of treatment in your office this morning, and I cannot give enough praises! Your staff: Samantha and Emily were wonderful with my son. He had such a positive an comfortable experience. I couldn't ask for anything better. As a hygienist, I have always referred our pediatric patients to your office. Having experienced your practice personally, I have a new found appreciation for what you and your staff do, and will continue to refer, but with added praises! I love restorative hygiene, and Samantha is awesome!"
– Yvonne A., RDH, MSDH