Isolite System

With the advanced Isolite® system, from Innerlite, Inc., we have better access and illumination to our patient's teeth than ever before. The Isolite dental isolation mouthpiece helps Dr. Gunsaulis see every surface of the examined tooth with no shadows, so that her diagnosis is as accurate as possible. It's also more comfortable and uses less consumable resources than other isolation systems on the market.


Microabrasion with MI Paste

Thanks to the combined approach of using microabrasion and MI paste, we can remove unsightly stains and grooves in the teeth for the absolute utmost in aesthetic concerns. With microabrasion, we can correct stains and unsightly spots on teeth typically in a single office by carefully removing only the stained enamel from the teeth, while keeping the white, healthy enamel intact. MI (or Minimal Intervention) Paste helps recalcify and remineralize teeth, for stronger and whiter enamel. Our combined approach ensures that we can give your family the white, bright smile they deserve!

Digital Radiographs

In order to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental services, we use dental radiographs, or X-rays, in our office. These radiographs provide us with invaluable information about your oral and dental health.

X-rays work on a simple principle: the X-rays are stimulated and sent through the mouth. When these rays pass through, they are absorbed more by the bones in your mouth than the gums and other soft tissues, creating a picture of how the teeth inside your mouth are positioned, as well as any potential areas of weakness or decay in your teeth.

NuSmile Pediatric Crowns

NuSmile pediatric crowns are the top choice for strength and durability. Offered since 1991, NuSmile Signature and NuSmile ZR pediatric crowns have been shown – both in laboratory studies as well as in patients' own family settings – to keep up with kids. Made with stainless steel or zirconium and covered with a natural-looking tooth-colored coating, NuSmiles offer high-end esthetics and superior durability.